xxHash 0.8.2
Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash function
No Matches
Data Fields
XXH32_state_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

XXH32_hash_t total_len_32
XXH32_hash_t large_len
XXH32_hash_t v [4]
XXH32_hash_t mem32 [4]
XXH32_hash_t memsize
XXH32_hash_t reserved

Field Documentation

◆ total_len_32

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::total_len_32

Total length hashed, modulo 2^32

◆ large_len

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::large_len

Whether the hash is >= 16 (handles total_len_32 overflow)

◆ v

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::v[4]

Accumulator lanes

◆ mem32

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::mem32[4]

Internal buffer for partial reads. Treated as unsigned char[16].

◆ memsize

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::memsize

Amount of data in mem32

◆ reserved

XXH32_hash_t XXH32_state_s::reserved

Reserved field. Do not read nor write to it.

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