xxHash 0.8.2
Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash function
No Matches
Data Fields
XXH3_state_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

XXH64_hash_t acc [8]
unsigned char customSecret [XXH3_SECRET_DEFAULT_SIZE]
unsigned char buffer [XXH3_INTERNALBUFFER_SIZE]
XXH32_hash_t bufferedSize
XXH32_hash_t useSeed
size_t nbStripesSoFar
XXH64_hash_t totalLen
size_t nbStripesPerBlock
size_t secretLimit
XXH64_hash_t seed
XXH64_hash_t reserved64
const unsigned char * extSecret

Field Documentation

◆ acc

XXH64_hash_t XXH3_state_s::acc[8]

The 8 accumulators. See XXH32_state_s::v and XXH64_state_s::v

◆ customSecret

unsigned char XXH3_state_s::customSecret[XXH3_SECRET_DEFAULT_SIZE]

Used to store a custom secret generated from a seed.

◆ buffer

unsigned char XXH3_state_s::buffer[XXH3_INTERNALBUFFER_SIZE]

The internal buffer.

See also

◆ bufferedSize

XXH32_hash_t XXH3_state_s::bufferedSize

The amount of memory in buffer,

See also

◆ useSeed

XXH32_hash_t XXH3_state_s::useSeed

Reserved field. Needed for padding on 64-bit.

◆ nbStripesSoFar

size_t XXH3_state_s::nbStripesSoFar

Number or stripes processed.

◆ totalLen

XXH64_hash_t XXH3_state_s::totalLen

Total length hashed. 64-bit even on 32-bit targets.

◆ nbStripesPerBlock

size_t XXH3_state_s::nbStripesPerBlock

Number of stripes per block.

◆ secretLimit

size_t XXH3_state_s::secretLimit

Size of customSecret or extSecret

◆ seed

XXH64_hash_t XXH3_state_s::seed

Seed for _withSeed variants. Must be zero otherwise,

See also

◆ reserved64

XXH64_hash_t XXH3_state_s::reserved64

Reserved field.

◆ extSecret

const unsigned char* XXH3_state_s::extSecret

Reference to an external secret for the _withSecret variants, NULL for other variants.

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